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Senior Moments Volleyball Info

Welcome to our S.M.V. page!  Here we will try to keep you updated on all the new fun things coming your way for Senior Volleyball offered by The Colorado Volleyball Connection & Senior Moments Volleyball!

Join us at the rMac (4895 Ward Rd.) Wednesday, August 12th at 10:00 to give your input on what SENIOR leagues you want us to offer this fall!  Wear a mask and bring a chair just in case we max our indoor limit and need to meet in the parking lot. :)


We have daytime hours to offer for Senior leagues so let’s do this while we can. If you can’t make the meeting, email me here with your ideas. 

Where do we play?

The rMac is located at 4895 Ward Rd. in Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Until the Classic begins....


September Tournament

The Colorado Volleyball Classic!


That's right, the next tourney coming your way is the Colorado Volleyball Classic for Seniors.  With Huntsman around the corner, we are gearing toward Men's and Women's play.

  It will run September 21 & 22nd,  Full details can be found here or by choosing the .pdf above or following the Blue link below. Registration will be open by August 1st!

Colorado Volleyball Classic Details - Click here

Click here to register!

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Tournament Results

Hey S.M.V. players: here are the results from our April 2019 tournament.  Thank you to everyone who came to play and made this tournament fun and successful!

Friday Coed Rotating Pairs

1st place - Denise Bonds & Fred Ard 

2nd place - David Smith & Marcia Smith

UNDEFEATED! Great job!

Friday Women's Rotating Triples

1st place - Jackie Higaki, Jill Lichon &

Tracy Giambroco

2nd place

Teri Male, Sue Koral, Margo Darris

UNDEFEATED- Way to go ladies!

Saturday Women 50+

1st place - Boulder Blocks

Sue Koral, Karen Klemm, Jill Olsen, Valerie Schulte, Michelle Kinkaid & Tori Ahlquist Packard

2nd place - Mile High Hops

Suzanne Rivera, Jackie HIgaki, Jill Lichon, Inge Otte, Val Lindow, Jackie Harmon & Debra Pospisil

Saturday Men 50+

1st place - NRG

Mike Hearn, Fred Ard, Bruce Bacon, Kris Hulse, Mark Van Sickle, Taz Bartling, Mike Porter & Tim Filen

2nd place - Legacy

Jono Hiteman, Bruce Emo, Donnie Armstead, Aaron Frison, Michael Xu & ?

Sunday Women 60+

1st place - Hit Over it! 

Pat Latta, Kris Van Bladeren, Diane Minnick, Sheila Stanley, Beth Bradford & Ann O'Neil

2nd place - Volleyholics

Karen Hinkle, Mary Murray, Chris Grant, Joann Tilley, Bethann Martin & Nancy Powers

Sunday Coed Girl Rule 

1st place - Tequila Sunset

Margo Darris, Teri Male, Carl Swanson, Jeff Swanson, Nanci Lee, Tim Filzen & Mike Porter

2nd place - NetAssets

Beth Graefe, Mark Van Sickle, Beckie Salmi, Marc Shupe, Karl Boehle, Diane Taggert

Great job everyone!