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Indoor Spring Volleyball Registration is now open!

(March - May) 

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For indoor: Please remember, if Jefferson County has a mask mandate, the RMac  building is covered by that decision.  

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The Colorado Volleyball Connection

At Colorado Volleyball Connection, we provide a safe, friendly, competitive, and when appropriate, educational, atmosphere for players of all ages and skill levels. We create comfortable spaces where players can meet, play, and share their love for volleyball with others. 

We know you have choices when looking to join a volleyball league. So why choose CVC? At CVC, we provide: 

  • Playing opportunities for all skill levels, from new players to advanced.
  • No girl rules. We're here to play, not single people out.
  • You can join us anytime you want, if there is an opening, we'll get you started playing, or at least subbing. 
  • Team placement. If you don't already have a team, we're happy to find one for you.
  • Help finding a sub if you need to miss for any reason.  Use our new Sub Finder under 'Current Players".
  • New Community News to share and learn about other players  (viewable under the About The CVC tab)

CVC brings both friendly and competitive opportunities to it’s participants as well as provide a fun and winning attitude.


                                  We do believe Life's Too Short Not To Play!

The Colorado Volleyball Connection

P.O. Box 27776 Denver, CO 80227

Phone: 303.456.4544


Email your testimonial to us here

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